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Believe in Fairytales Series

There’s no harm in a little make-believe…

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

The Believe in Fairytales stories are very loosely based on Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, with a little realism thrown in for good measure. Featuring stories of homelessness, deceit, and even attempted murder, each of the characters has to face hard challenges, and find their own inner strength… as well as learning to trust other people… and to let themselves love – and be loved – even when love has let them down in the past.

Each novel takes you on a unique journey. Whether it’s the allure of a super-hot billionaire, the adrenaline rush of life-and-death stakes, or the warmth of finding a home in someone’s heart, there’s a story waiting to claim a piece of your soul.

Believe in Us – A Billionaire’s Lonely Heart Finds Its Beat

Imagine crossing paths with someone who changes everything. Lottie, grappling with a sudden, profound loss, finds herself unexpectedly locking eyes with Paul — a self-made billionaire whose heart, long-guarded by a carousel of fleeting encounters, beats solely for her from the moment he sees her. But is it possible for two people from such wildly different worlds to make it work?

Believe in Me – A Fight for Survival, A Fight for Love

A tale that thrusts you into the thrumming heart of a medical emergency and a fight for life, “Believe in Me” unravels the complicated layers of commitment, love, and trust. With Lily’s life hanging in the balance, Fin, a doctor never once captivated by permanence, finds his entire belief system upended. He’s drawn to her side, a silent guardian against an unknown threat, and maybe, her chance at a new beginning.

Believe in You – From the Shadows to the Light of Love

Brad and Lizzie’s story is a testament to the unexpected ways love can find us, even in our darkest moments. Brad, a cop, stumbles upon Lizzie, homeless and scared, and feels an inexplicable pull towards her — a desire not only to protect her from the tangible dangers of the streets but also from the shadows of distrust and despair that chase her.

This Series Will Captivate Your Heart

In a world where reality often imposes limits, the Believe in Fairy Tales Series invites you to rediscover the power of hope, the strength found in love, and the magic of believing in fairy tales, even as adults. Perfect for those who savour romance that’s not only hot and heavy but also heartfelt and grounded in the complexities of contemporary life.

Travel this spellbinding path where fairy tales and reality converge, and discover love in its most unanticipated forms. Escape into the enchanting, yet strikingly real world of the Believe in Fairy Tales Series — because who said fairy tales are only for kids?