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Escaping the Past Series

Meet Your Next Literary Obsession

A riveting journey through love and discovery

This captivating collection of novels will tug at the heartstrings of readers searching for stories that blend erotic suspense and workplace romance, showcasing a close-knit group of friends who have lived through the darkest times together. Each book invites you into a world where love’s transformative power helps chart a course to a brighter tomorrow, making the Escaping the Past series a beacon of hope and passion.

A Series for True Lovers of Romance

Tailored especially for the mature connoisseur of Erotic Suspense, Workplace Romances, and tales of Billionaires & Millionaires, this series promises not only to ignite the flames of passion but also to touch the soul deeply. With sizzling sex intertwined with layers of complex emotions and dynamic characters, readers are invited on an unforgettable expedition through love’s myriad hues.

  • Finding Matt: Grace’s seemingly perfect life is a facade of pain, until Matt steps in, yearning to heal her. Witness how their fates intertwine and love seals their bond, amidst the dark threats lurking in the shadows.
  • Finding Luke: Megan and Luke’s tale is a dance between the hopes of the future and the shackles of the past. In the lush landscapes of Southern France, they finally find the freedom they’ve both been looking for. But it can’t last. Or can it?
  • Finding Will: Enter Jamie and Will’s world where scars are worn both inside and out. Together, they must face their deepest wounds and unveil truths buried under layers of pain, if they’re to have any hope of a future.
  • Finding Todd: Holly’s broken trust meshes with Todd’s aversion to commitment as they plunge undercover, masquerading as a couple. Amidst the dangers that bind them closely, they uncover the strength in vulnerability and the power of a second chance at love.

Epic Romance Meets Erotic Suspense

For those drawn to the intricacies of the heart, for seekers of passion that burns through the darkness, the Escaping the Past Series beckons. Each story is a gateway to a world where love’s power to transform is boundless, where every page turned brings closer the promise of newfound hope.

Be enthralled as you join the characters in ‘escaping the past’, and rushing headlong into a future brimming with possibilities and love.

Read about Grace, Matt, Megan, Luke, Jamie, Will, Holly, and Todd, and share in their unforgettable stories. 

Welcome to the Escaping the Past Series.