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Big Mistakes Series

Everyone makes mistakes… It’s just that some are bigger than others.

The Big Mistakes Series: Passion, Redemption, and Unforgettable Love

Are you ready to plunge into a whirlwind of emotions, where love contends with the ghosts of the past, and desire intertwines with redemption? The Big Mistakes Series is crafted for lovers of steamy, heart-pounding romance and promises not only to enthral, but to ignite the very essence of what it means to fall deeply, recklessly in love.

Mistaken Identity – The Path to Passionate Redemption

Begin your journey with Livia and Hunter in Mistaken Identity, the first electrifying installment of the series. Wrapped in the complexities of a steamy workplace romance and a love-at-first-sight encounter that defies expectations, their story is more than just a romantic entanglement — it’s an exploration of trust and the unforeseen consequences of our actions. When Livia’s past challenges their future, Hunter must confront the biggest mistake of his life and decide how far he’s willing to go to make things right. But in the world of love, some risks are worth taking.

Mistaken Impression – A Sizzle of Secret Desires

Enter the world of Ella and Mac with Mistaken Impression, where the kitchen heats up in more ways than one. Set against the backdrop of a new cookery show, this enemies-to-lovers saga is a delectable blend of sizzling attraction and the sweet surprise of unexpected love. But when accusations fly, threatening their newfound passion, will Ella and Mac find their way back to each other, or will unspoken words leave an indelible mark on their hearts?

Mistaken Intention – Love Beyond Memory

Conclude the ride with Mistaken Intention, the poignant narrative of Drew and Josie. Amid tragedy and lost memories, their bond defies the odds, evolving from a nurturing care into a love so profound it transcends the barriers of the past. Yet, shadows lurk within the truths untold, and as Drew seeks to reclaim his forgotten life, the strength of their love faces its ultimate test. Can they emerge unscathed, or will the revelations shatter their chance at happiness?

For Enthusiasts of Profound Romance

The Big Mistakes Series beckons to those who cherish:

  • Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
  • Sizzling Hot Sex
  • Scorching Workplace Encounters
  • Love-at-First-Sight Connections
  • Dual POV
  • Second Chances

Written for the adult fiction connoisseur who revels in the intensity of erotic romances — the series offers more than just tales of love. It serves as a mirror reflecting the myriad ways we connect, the mistakes we make, and the lengths we’ll go to for the ones who capture our hearts.

Embark on a Journey of the Heart

Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of the Big Mistakes Series. Each book not only promises a riveting narrative peppered with steamy encounters and raw emotions, but also a testament to the enduring power of love against the backdrop of life’s greatest challenges.

Don’t just read a romance — experience a saga where every mistake is a step closer to the soulmate you never knew you needed.

Begin your unforgettable adventure today!