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The Porthgarrion Stories Series

Porthgarrion… where love is always in the air.

Experience the Magic of Love in Porthgarrion

Nestled along the picturesque Cornish coastline lies the enchanting village of Porthgarrion, a place where love isn’t just in the air — it’s woven into the very fabric of the village.

Introducing The Porthgarrion Stories, a captivating series of 15 tales that invite you to lose yourself in the romance and charm of this fictitious small harbour village.

Engage with Passion and Romance

Each story in The Porthgarrion Stories series begins with a spark—an encounter, a glance, a gesture—that ignites into a flame of love, sometimes where least expected. From the blooming fondness between a newcomer and a local to the sweet surprise of affection found in the remnants of a broken heart, Porthgarrion is a mosaic of love in all its forms.

Titles in this series either available to buy or to pre-order:

  • It Started With Flowers
  • It Started With Hello
  • It Started With Cake
  • It Started With Memories
  • It Started With Songs
  • It Started With Tears
  • It Started With Ice Cream
  • It Started With Jasper
  • It Started With Kindness

Titles in this series coming soon:

  • It Started With Surfing
  • It Started With Letters
  • It Started With Secrets
  • It Started With Gifts
  • It Started With Smiles
  • It Started With Friendship

Each story entwines you deeper in the community spirit and romantic allure of Porthgarrion.

Features That Will Make You Fall in Love with Porthgarrion

  • A Quaint Setting: The idyllic coastal village of Porthgarrion, with its charming harbour, serves as the perfect backdrop for love stories that touch the heart.
  • Romantic Escapades: Each of the 15 stories offers a unique look at love, from tearful beginnings to laughter-filled bonds.
  • Endearing Characters: Meet the inhabitants of Porthgarrion—people with dreams, desires, and the courage to follow their hearts.
  • Heartfelt Journeys: Whether it’s rediscovering love, finding forgiveness, or opening one’s heart to new possibilities, every story is a testament to the enduring power of love.

A Collection for the Romantic at Heart

The Porthgarrion Stories are perfect for romance readers and fans of small-town tales. These stories promise not just moments of heartwarming romance but also evoke feelings of longing, hope, and love that linger long after the last page is turned.

Every story starts with a moment, and every moment is the beginning of something beautiful. 

Indulge in The Porthgarrion Stories and rediscover love, one book at a time.