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Recipes for Romance Series

If you can’t stand the heat …

A Tantalizing Trio of Novels Guaranteed to Indulge Your Deepest Desires

Feed your heart with love, passion, and sizzling hot encounters.

Each novel in this series is distinct, exploring the lives of three brothers who couldn’t be more different. Sam is as moody and dominant as they come; Rob exudes fun and frivolity; while Ed embodies quiet sensitivity. Yet, they all share one compelling trait – the unsparing capacity for self-sacrifice in the name of love.

Stay Here With Me

Step into the world of Ali, an English beauty, and Sam, a tempestuous yet undeniably sexy chef. Sam’s life, known for its order and control, spirals into chaos with Ali’s arrival. Will the fire brewing between them burn too hot, or will it meld their worlds into a perfect recipe for romance?

Play Games With Me

Meet Petra, cloaked in mystery, and Rob, the embodiment of desire. With an inexplicable connection that leaves Rob yearning for more than his usual one-night stands, can he convince Petra to stay and play the most important game of all – love?

Come Home With Me

Tess and Ed’s story is the icing on this deliciously erotic cake. When Tess moves to America to be with her sister, she misses the familiarity of home. Her budding relationship with Ed more than makes up for it… until something happens to make her run. And that’s when they both discover that home is wherever their hearts lie.

All three parts – Cooked to perfection

Written to reflect the individuality of each brother, these tales of dominance, self-sacrifice, and undeniable passion are more than mere romance. They are an exploration of the depth and complexity of love.

While each book stands alone, immersing yourself in the series from start to finish promises the best experience. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might just find yourself a bit breathless.

Indulge in the Recipes for Romance Series — where love, like the finest of meals, comes in courses, each more deliciously satisfying than the last.