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Never Give Up Series

My hottest series… so far!

Unveiling Passion, Dominance, and Love

Dive into the passionate world of the “Never Give Up” Series—a collection that combines scorching desire with the quest for love. This series is written for those who cherish the thrill of erotic romance, bringing to life six distinct couples, each navigating the tumultuous path to love.

Unique Heroes, Unforgettable Journeys

From the dominant presence of Colt, to the irresistible bad boy, Chase, each book peels back the layers of complex relationships where love, desire, and undying hope intertwine.

These men have discovered their desires but grapple with the ultimate question—how to claim and then, how to keep it? Each tale is a standalone treasure, yet when woven together, they craft a tapestry of raw emotion and enduring passion.

Emotional Ties That Bind

This series is a love letter to those who crave genuine erotic romance. It’s for women who seek a powerful emotional connection with their protagonists, for anyone who yearns to be part of an intense, passionate world where each page promises new heights of desire.

For Lovers of Passion and Power

Targeted at women with a penchant for romantic erotica, and various facets of romance—from workplace entanglements to small town dalliances—this series is a sanctuary where fantasies meet the gritty realities of love. It’s an ode to sensual desire and the complexities of the human heart.

A Glimpse into Passionate Souls

  • Taming the Storm: Witness Colt’s fiery dominance breaking under the bonds of love in this breathtaking tale, where rules fade before the indomitable force of passion.
  • Chasing the Dream: Chase, a bad boy at heart, turns his life around for the love of Eva, only to face the ultimate test of faith and trust.
  • Looking for Love: Plunge into Max and Cara’s world, where secrets loom large over new beginnings and danger threatens their chance at love.
  • Finding your Destiny: Join Destiny and Ronan on a cross-continental romance where destiny is not just a name but a promise of love beyond boundaries.
  • Faking the Future: Unveil the layers of Mason’s deceptive facade in a bid to capture Isabel’s heart, proving that love can grow in the most unexpected places.
  • Making your Peace: Experience Oliver’s relentless pursuit of Jemima, regardless of her secrets, in a testament to the unyielding power of love to conquer all.

Your Invitation to Fall in Love… Again and Again

The “Never Give Up” Series is an exploration of the resilience of love through eroticism and the lengths to which one will go for a chance at happiness. Each story promises an unforgettable adventure into the heart’s deepest desires, with guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

Are you ready to surrender to love? To explore the depths of desire and the strength of the human heart? Come aboard this breathtaking journey, to prove you should never give up on love.