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List of Stories

The Gingerbread Lady lifestyle image.

Story One
The Gingerbread Lady

Haunted by her failed marriage, Aimee throws herself into work, leaving little time in her life for anything else… until Mark Hayden walks through the door of her sandwich shop. He takes an instant liking to her gingerbread. And to Aimee. And she finds it hard to resist him too. Until she discovers that he’s not as sweet as he seems… Or is he?
The GingerbreadMan e-book cover lifestyle image.

Story One
The Gingerbread Man

In a sequel to The Gingerbread Lady, we continue with the story, from Mark’s point of view, as his relationship with Aimee blossoms… until one day, tragedy strikes. Old memories are stirred and, for a while, the future looks uncertain. But, even when life seems to be at its darkest, there’s always hope…
The School Tie e-book cover lifestyle image.

Story Three
The School Tie

In this brand new story, we meet Mel, who’s just about to turn forty and attend a school reunion, where she’ll meet Paul again, for the first time in more than twenty years. Mel has never loved anyone like she loved Paul. She just needs to accept that he didn’t feel the same way. Or did he…?
The School Report e-book cover lifestyle image.

Story Four
The School Report

A sequel to The School Tie sees us catching up with Paul and Mel a couple of months after their reunion. With their wedding plans in full flow, they’re looking forward a bright future together, until Paul starts to doubt Mel’s commitment to their relationship and an enforced absence causes added uncertainty. Will they make it? Or will the past return to haunt them, yet again?
Never Say Never e-book cover lifestyle image.

Story Five
Never Say Never

In this sequel to Never Say Sorry, a full-length story set in Cornwall, we catch up with Abbie and Josh two years after we left them. They’re coming up for their second wedding anniversary, their publishing company is just starting to take off and Ben is settled and loving school. Everything is perfect, and just what they’d both hoped for… except Abbie knows something is missing. And without it, she’ll never feel complete…

Finding Happiness e-book cover lifestyle image.

Story Six
Finding Happiness

In this sequel to the Escaping the Past series, which ended with Todd’s proposal to Holly, we rejoin them just a few months later as they’re planning their wedding, with the help of their friends. There are problems between Will and Jamie, and the stress of planning a wedding three thousand miles away is getting to Holly, but even worse is around the corner, and it proves a rocky road on the way to Finding Happiness…

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