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Cornish Romances Series

Explore the Heart of Cornwall with these Standalone Romance Novels

All in all, there’s something for every romance reader!

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes and emotional depth of Cornwall with these captivating standalone romance novels. The stories feature testaments to love’s power, resilience, and in two, the timeless beauty of second chances. With something for every romance aficionado, there are tales of love lost and found against the stunning backdrop of Cornwall’s majestic seascapes. Discover the charm and romance that awaits in each unique narrative.

Never Say Sorry – A Love Rekindled

“Never Say Sorry” takes you on a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and redemption. Abbie and Josh’s childhood friendship blossoms into love, only to be tested by ambition and separation. Faced with half a lifetime of  regret, and the worst kind of loss, their story is a poignant exploration of love’s resilience. The novel captures the essence of youthful love, and the anguish of grief and pain, reflecting on whether time can truly mend two broken hearts.

Time for Hope – A Love Unexpected

“Time for Hope” is an uplifting tale of new beginnings and the courage to love again. Hope Nelson’s quest for love leads her to Logan Quinn, a man fresh from heartbreak. Their unexpected connection challenges Hope’s fears and Logan’s past. This novel celebrates the unpredictability of love and the hope it brings, underscored by the enchanting serenity of Cornwall.

Never Too Late – A Love Rediscovered

In “Never Too Late,” Adam and Jenna’s fleeting encounter leaves a lasting impact, leading them on disparate paths filled with heartache and loss. Reunited by fate, their story is a compelling narrative of love’s enduring power and the possibility of second chances. The story portrays the complexities of rebuilding trust and love after years of lies and pain.

Days of Summer – A Love Challenged

“Days of Summer” explores the healing power of love through the characters of Kit and Summer. Their connection, born out of shared grief and understanding, faces trials that test the strength of their bond. This story is a beautiful reminder that love demands courage, forgiveness, and the strength to move beyond the past, inspired by real-life resilience and change.

Each novel, from the heartfelt reunion in “Never Say Sorry” and the hopeful romance of “Time for Hope,” to the soulful reconnection in “Never Too Late” and the emotional depth of “Days of Summer,” presents a unique facet of love’s multifaceted diamond. Enriched with the breathtaking beauty and local colour of Cornwall, these stories offer a sanctuary for readers seeking solace, inspiration, and the indomitable spirit of love.

Get ready for an Emotional Journey

Whether you’re a longtime fan of romantic fiction or new to the genre, these Cornish tales of love and life will capture your heart and imagination. To experience the magic of Cornwall and the emotional voyage crafted within each novel, get your copies today in paperback or ebook, and explore the landscape of the heart, where every story is an adventure, every moment a memory, and every love a treasure.

Discover the enduring beauty of love and the picturesque charm of Cornwall with these standalone romance novels – your ticket to an unforgettable literary getaway.