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It Started with Kindness

By Suzie Peters
On Sale: 28th June, 2024

It Started with Kindness: Avery Watts, a recovering performer, comes to Porthgarrion for a break at the Seaview Hotel. Stephen Goddard, the hotel manager is frustrated with his solitary life, meets Avery and naturally helps her. As they fall in love, Stephen must convince Avery to stay in town. The story explores themes of recovery, personal growth, and unexpected romance in a seaside setting.

Paperback: £9.99

Kindle: £2.99


Welcome to Porthgarrion, where love is always in the air…

The sunshine and sea air of Porthgarrion is exactly what the doctor ordered for Avery Watts. The last thing she needs is the pressure of performing at the Seaview Hotel for the summer season – her father’s idea of recovery. Avery is nowhere near ready to return to performing, if only her father would listen…

Fed up with a solitary life, Stephen Goddard is considering his options. His job is his world, but he’s starting to realise he needs a life away from managing the hotel – a life he can call his own, plus someone to share it with…

When he meets Avery, it’s unexpected, but helping her is second nature. And falling in love with her is even easier. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay…

These books can be read in any order, although it’s probably best to read It Started With Flowers first as an introduction to the village and the characters, whose stories will follow… in the Porthgarrion Stories.

Product Details

Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
ISBN: 978-1-915109-49-1 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-915109-50-7 (Kindle)
ASIN: B0CP488TMT (Kindle)
Edition: 1st Edition
Imprint: GWL Publishing
Classification: Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Small Town Romance
Paperback Published: 28th June, 2024
Kindle Published: 28th June, 2024
No. of pages: 284pp
List Price – Kindle: £2.99
List Price – Paperback: £9.99