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Believe in Me

Sizzle Rating: Three sex-sizzle flame ratingHot Sex and Language

Believe in Me – it’s enough to raise your heart rate…

Believe in Me… a desperate woman, fighting for her life meets a gorgeous doctor, determined to save her, no matter what it takes… or what it costs.

Fin likes women. He likes them a lot. He’s just never wanted to keep one. Not permanently, anyway. That is, until Lily Hamilton comes into his life. The moment he sees her, it’s like he knows she’s the ‘one’ – the one he’s been waiting for all his life. The only problem is, she’s married. Well, and she’s also unconscious. And he’s the doctor who has to work out what’s wrong with her, and who it is that’s trying to kill her. Apart from that, everything is just perfect.

Lily has lived with sorry and fear for so long now, they’ve become like a second skin to her. Fighting with her husband is also second nature, like breathing – although she won’t be doing that for much longer, if she’s not careful. And, as she lies in the hospital, she has to ask herself… did she fall, or was she pushed. She can’t work it out, and the fear is almost overwhelming. Except when the doctor is with her. He talks to her and his voice is the most soothing, comforting thing she’s ever heard, and she already trusts him more than any other man she’s ever met… She can’t wait to wake up and actually meet him.

This is the second book in the Believe in Fairy Tales series.

A note from Suzie…

“Based – very loosely – on the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, Believe in Me is the ultimate story of good triumphing over evil – and having some fun along the way!”