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Finding Luke

Finding Luke

(Also available on Kindle Unlimited)

Sizzle Rating: Three sex-sizzle flame ratingHot Sex and Language


Finding Luke – sometimes you have to sacrifice your past, to get the future you always knew you wanted.

Finding Luke is the story of Megan, whose life has been ruled by her domineering father, and Luke… who’s never had to live by any rules at all. Until now.

Megan has never had a boyfriend. She’s not allowed. Her father always made it clear what he’d do to any man who came near her. And with his track record, Megan has always believed him.

Now, she’s taken a job modelling, in the south of France, because she needs the money. It sounds like easy work to her… until she meets Luke; the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. She wants him more than she’s ever wanted anything. But she knows the rules. She can’t have him. Can she?

Luke doesn’t do relationships. He never has. He does women… lots of them. He’s made a speciality of one night stands, because he decided a long time ago that no-one was ever going to get close enough to hurt him.

It seems someone really hates him, though, because he’s being sent to the south of France on a photographic shoot, with just one golden rule… don’t screw the model. Sounds simple? It would be, except she’s the most perfect woman he’s ever seen, and he doesn’t just want to take her to bed… he wants to keep her.

What happens when a man who’s always strived for freedom finally decides he wants to try at forever… with a woman who can only give him ‘for now’?

This is the second book in the Escaping the Past series.

A note from Suzie…

“Luke is, perhaps, the most pivotal character in the whole series and here, we discover who he really is… and how far he’ll go to protect the woman he loves.”

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