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Stay Here With Me

Stay Here With Me

(Also available on Kindle Unlimited)

Sizzle Rating: Three sex-sizzle flame ratingSizzling Sex and Language


Stay Here With Me – Because sometimes it’s worth giving up everything…

Stay Here With Me is the story of Ali, a typical English rose, and Sam… a tempestuous, exacting chef, who just happens to be scorching hot.

Everyone who knows Sam will tell you that he likes to be in control. He’s domineering, stubborn, and a little bit arrogant. It’s who he is. Since his ex-wife left him, it’s pretty much all he is. He’s the head-chef at his family’s restaurant in Hartford, Connecticut, and he has high standards, which he expects everyone to meet. But his brother has invited a woman from London to come over and re-model the restaurant… and from the moment he first meets her, Sam’s a mess. She’s got him questioning everything about his life. And he doesn’t like it. The problem is, he likes her. A lot..

For Ali, getting commissioned to update a restaurant in the US was a surprise, and it was a tough decision to accept the job. She’s had to put her life on hold and leave her little sister behind, in London, but she hopes it’ll be worth it in the end. The problem is… Sam. On the one hand, he’s the rudest, most obnoxious, arrogant man she’s ever met. But he’s also the most attractive, and whenever he looks at her, his eyes hold the promise of something forbidden, something darkly sensual, and exciting… something she absolutely wants to find out more about. If only he’ll let her…

Stay Here With Me is the first book in the Recipes for Romance series.

A note from Suzie…

“Sam is one of the darkest, hottest heroes I’ve ever written. But Ali suits him beautifully, and together they form the perfect appetizer for the Recipes for Romance series.”

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